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Livestock Business Line

CPB adds value to its basic processed meat with additional process of boiling, steaming, frying, baking or grilling depending on customer’s requirements. Products are then packed, frozen and distributed to retailers and wholesalers, fast food operators and modern trade, e.g., convenience stores, supermarkets and supercenters. Products are also exported through importers in respective market. Major export markets are the European Union, Japan and other Asian countries. More representative offices have been set up and agents appointed to provide better customer service. We now have presence in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Russia, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Italy and United Arab Emirates, etc.

Some of our cooked products are available domestically and internationally including frozen chicken karaage, seaweed-wrapped chicken, teriyaki chicken, roast duck, frozen steamed chicken breast, green curry chicken with rice, soya pork with noodles, egg tofu, meatball and sausage. CPB produces and brands its products under CP, V Pork, Kitchen Joy, ThaiThai, Five Stars, BK, and BKP as well as private labels. Pricing for private label is agreed at time when contract is made.

CPB places utmost importance to “product quality” that meets standards, serves variety needs, tasty and hygienic, and most important is safe for consumption. CPB emphasizes quality of raw materials. Thus, CPB has a system to randomly check the quality of raw materials and products throughout the production processes. Control systems at every stage of production will help inform management of productivity in each stage and enable CPB to trace back to the raw materials used in production processes.

CPB is committed to continuous improvement in production processes to meet internationally recognized standards. Certifications of our plants include: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a production process system, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), a food safety system, EST/TH, ISO 9002, a production and management system, British Retail Consortium Standard, a production process and human resource management system, OSHAS 18000, Occupational Safety & Health Administration Management System, ISO 14001, an environment management system, and ISO 18001, workers safety system.

Aquatic Business Line

Products under this category are semi-cooked, cooked shrimp and ready-to-eat. Products are frozen and packed under CP trademark or private labels. They are distributed domestically through modern trade, convenience store, food service and CP Fresh Mart, a company-owned distribution channel. Export is done through importers.

CPB emphasizes production of semi-cooked and ready-to-eat products depending on customers’ requirements. Processing methods include boiling, steaming, and frying and products include shrimp wonton and cooked shrimp.

Major importing countries are the US, Japan, and the European Union. Modern equipment and technology are employed to meet international standard and assure quality and food safety integrity of products. Pricing is negotiated and agreed upon purchase and contract made.