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Livestock Business Line

CPB’s livestock farming business includes animal breeder, live animal, fresh eggs and processed livestock meat.

Animal Breeder

CPB is the leader in the research and development field of natural genetic selection. The objective is to produce quality breed that is healthy, sturdy and suitable to the farming condition of Thailand. CPB produces parent stocks of chicken broiler, duck and swine as well as broiler chick, layer chick, layer, duck and piglet. The process starts with imported grandparent stocks from abroad. Then CPB breeds and raises the animals for own use and sales to independent livestock farmers and agents/distributors.

CPB’s animal breeding farms are located in various provinces in Thailand. These farms are built based on closed and evaporative cooling system which is a modern farming system. The closed system is bio-secure to prevent possible entry of potential carriers. The evaporative cooling system maintains suitable temperature in the housing unit throughout the farming period with automated feeding and all computer-controlled.

Price of animal breeder is dependent of domestic supply and demand as well as quality of the breed. CPB emphasizes after-sales services and has branch offices all over the country to serve as academic service centers to provide and share know-how, technical information, and marketing and distribution knowledge to farmers.

Live Animal, Fresh Eggs and Processed Livestock Meat

Products in this category include live chicken, layer egg, live duck, duck egg, live swine, and processed livestock meat. These products are distributed to end consumers by our agents/distributors. Products are also distributed and sold to wholesalers, retailers and company-owned food processing plants and other processing plants in Thailand. Prices of product fluctuate depending on the supply and demand.

CPB emphasizes on continuous research and development in farming technology and techniques suitable to domestic growing condition, effective disease prevention, fast growth and low feed conversion ratio for high productivity and low production cost. At present, CPB employs closed and evaporative cooling system with computer-controlled feeding in all of its poultry and swine farming.

In addition to CPB-owned farms, CPB promotes chicken broiler and pig farming by providing animal breed, animal feed, animal drugs and farming techniques and know-how to farmers who have passed the screening process. Most farmers participating in the program employ the evaporative cooling system and other standards adopted by CPB. The farmers are compensated on the production outputs that meet standards set by CPB.

CPB is the first company outside the European Union to be awarded with the Animal Welfare Standard, the most stringent standard to date for export chicken. Consideration has to be given to all aspect of the animal welfare, e.g., animal must be provided with sufficient feed and water, animal must be raised in suitable and comfortable environment, animal is free from pain and diseases, animal must have free range, and animal must not be stressed.

Output from farming is processed into various basic processed meat products depending on market requirements. Some products are processed as fresh, some as chilled and some as frozen and sold to wholesalers and retailers, domestically and internationally. Selling price is subject to supply and demand in each respective market or at an earlier agreed price.

Aquatic Business Line

Main products under aquatic farming are as follow:

Shrimp Fry and Fish Fry

Quality shrimp fry is an important factor to ensure success in shrimp farming. CPB invests in research and development to produce quality fry that are disease resistant and suitable for growing in different climatic conditions. Primary species is white shrimp and secondary species is black tiger shrimp.

CPB has developed several fish breeds for commercial farming. Fish fries include tubtim fish which was developed from tilapia.

CPB’s shrimp and fish hatcheries employ good farm management and modern farming techniques with effective disease prevention and control. Our quality shrimp and fish fries are sought after. Prices depend on supply and demand and quality of the fries.

Fresh Shrimp and Frozen Shrimp

Fresh shrimp raised and harvested from CPB’s farms are supplied to company-owned processing plants. Shrimp fries and feed are from company-owned hatchery and feedmill. CPB employs closed farming system which is environmental friendly and bio-secure. No antibiotic is used at any stage of production.

CPB exports frozen shrimp from its processing plants through importers in respective market. Price is dependent on supply and demand or upon agreement based on customer’s specification.

CPB produces parent stocks of chicken broiler, duck and swine as well as broiler chick, layer chick, layer, duck and piglet. The process starts with imported grandparent stocks from abroad. Then CPB breeds and raises the animals