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CPB Operations

Dhaka Feed Mill

Feed Mill Operation

There are 4 Feed Mills in all over Bangladesh including the largest  Feed Mill (Dhaka Feed Mill) in South Asia where produce broiler, layer, breeder, fish & cattle feed.

Breeder Farm Business

More than 24 Breeder Farms supplies the hatching eggs to the hatchery business from different regions of Bangladesh.

Integration Business

There are 12 layer and broiler farms under Integration business and more than 18 sales branches.

Hatchery Business

Hatchery farms produce quality day old chicks (Layer and broiler) that are healthy, sturdy and suitable to the farming condition of Bangladesh. There are 9 hatcheries in all over Bangladesh.

Aquaculture Business

It has three fish hatcheries : Comilla fish hatchery, Sherpur fish hatchery, Dashuria fish hatchery. It does business of three types of products-a). Floating Fish Feed, b). Sinking Fish Feed, c) Tilapia Baby Fish (0.3-0.5g size).

Food Business

CP Food Business is one of the three core businesses of the Thai based global conglomerate- CP Group. It mainly produces and markets poultry products that are Ready-to-eat products, Ready-to-cook. There are more than 100 food outlets in Dhaka and Chittagong together. Modern Trade operates marketing at more than 60 super-shops or chain-shops

Animal Health Product

CPB Animal Health medicines are very effective to prevent and treat diseases mainly in pets, farm chickens and farm fish. C.P. Bangladesh Co., Ltd. is the exclusive dealer of Interchemie, Holland, Loahmann Animal Health, Germany, USA.

Feed Technology Office

Feed Technology office develops new product, maintain feed quality and performance. Moreover it tests new raw materials, feed additives, and medicine etc. For doing these activities FTO has a research Farm.

Seed Business

C.P. Bangladesh Co., Ltd. established its Seed Business as a part of Business Diversification during the year 2005-06. Company Imports Hybrid Corn seed from C.P. Seeds India Pvt. Ltd.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are a kinder, gentler way to give plants the nutrients they need. It is very eco friendly farming system .Organic fertilizers usually come from manure and guano of chickens of various farms.