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A Short Brief of CPB Learning Centre

A Short Brief of CPB Learning Centre

Published at: 07/04/2014

Training and career development are very decisive in C.P. Bangladesh Co., Ltd that aims at progressing. As we treated our employees as “Human Capital”, the concept of CPB learning centre has emerged into our business establishment. To attain the maximum strengths from our valued employees we always get to know our employees and build reasonable flexibility into their responsibilities that facilitate them to leverage what they do best. Nevertheless, we made training and development plan to our employees to gain essential skills which is required to do his/her job responsibilities productively or to execute specific goals, for instance indulgent a business process or operating a certain machine/ system. On the other hand for the career development we put emphasis on broader skills, which are applicable in a wide range of situation like, decision making, thinking creatively and managing people. However, for deep understanding and enhance performance by reaching their peak potential, coaching has emerged in CPB. There are few issues that we are taking into consideration before prepare the development plan for employees that are:

Alignment of Learning and Development centre with CPB Business: The main purpose of CPB Learning and Development (L&D) centre is to support the employees to meet the corporate vision & mission as well as objectives by making sure that all employees have the required skills, knowledge and competencies that need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. To support this, where possible, L&D objectives will be integrated with corporate aims and objectives at all levels. 

Fair access of L&D to all Employees: Every employee of CPB has open and fair access to appropriate L&D opportunities, irrespective of religious belief, racial group, age, marital status/dependents, sexual orientation, color, gender or disability.

Identify and priorities Learning and Development needs methodically: The HRD team of CPB identifies the Learning and Development needs of each employee with the support of their Business Unit (BU) head once in a year through Training Need Analysis (TNA). Typically, TNA take places to support HRD team to find out the competency gap of each employee in relation to their job position & criteria. Subsequently, considering the training recommendation from performance appraisal and TNA HRD team prepare a yearly plan with budget to develop individual’s competencies with different tools such as training, coaching, job assignment, mentoring, site visit, job enhancement, job rotation etc. However, these development tools are used with priorities by thinking about the corporate aims and objectives.

Frequently evaluate L&D against personal and corporate objectives: With the support of HRD, BU Head/ Line Manager evaluate the L&D activities for each and every employee The HRD team produce quarterly and annual L&D report for the top management people, which contain details of L&D activity and outcomes.  

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