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Join With Us

CPF Group believes that employees are the most valuable resource that is truly a key to the company’s success. In other words, employees are views as the “Human Capital” which needs to be continuously invested for creating value-added to company and their own. CPF has more than 100,000 employees both in Thailand and over 40 countries around the world.

We focus on the creation and the development of “The Professionals”

In order to work effectively, CPF must keep track with the ever changing technology and prepare 
for rapid expansion of the business operations both in Thailand and around the world.

At CPF, Human Resources are the most important factor which requires continuous development as well as adding value to the company. When you join with us, we would constantly educate, teach, challenge & strengthen your capabilities and potentials. This is to support your professional skills, ethical behaviors, and also self and social responsibilities. In CPF, Our employees at all levels will have an opportunity to further develop their capabilities. We have the ‘Gateway to Success’ program to continuously train and develop employees; this includes our new- generation management; our future leader, our global executives including our employees in the production line. This is to promote and support systematic sustainable growth of the company.

Benefits and Remunerations

CPF is dedicated to be The Organization with excellent business performance.

To meet this commitment, CPF has benefits and remuneration policies which focus on rewarding the employee based on their individual performance as well as on the organization-level. “The Total Remuneration” must be competitive with the labor market and establish fairness among employees in the organization. However, CPF also emphasizes non-monetary compensation for creating the flexibility to meet the divergence needs of each individual.

Working Environment

CPF has the policy of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) to "Combining the Divergence of Employees”.

It is because employees have different backgrounds in terms of age, gender, culture, experiences, ideas, and practices. It is also for creating organizational environment so these diversities would be respected and appreciated by the company, employees, and everyone.